Joomla Bookkeeping will synchronise with Virtuemart, bringing in automatically all the transaction data into your contacts and accounts.

  1. Step one, make sure you have the latest version of everything, Joomla, VirtueMart and Joomla Bookkeeping.
  2. In Transaction Types, make sure you have at least one type being a "Sales Type", and another being "Payment Type". We have added two at the top of the list here, but you can use anything you wish or assign one that is relevant for you.
  3. Make sure the plugin "System - Joomla Bookkeeping Virtuemart Import" is Enabled/Published. It should be, as it is self installed and Enabled when you install Joomla Bookkeeping.
  4. In the same plugin, select the two Transaction Types from above, an example is shown below.

This should be it, now put a test transaction through VirtueMart, and the "Customer" will be created in the "Contacts" area of Joomla Bookkeeping and Joomla Contacts (they are the same thing), and there will be an invoice created with the invoice details on. It will even add into the notes of the invoice, the VirtueMart invoice number, for example "21/07/2017 Order number: EE3U06".