• Mar 22

    RC1 has been released!!!!!

    Well its 4.30am in the morning on the 22nd of March, and after thousands of hours of research, and development, finally Joomla Finance is ready for public download. It is still only RC1, which means it is still in test mode, so is not desiged to be used for commercial use. Visit the Download page and then the forums for instructions on how to install and use the extensions.

    I just want to make a big shout out to our development team who have worked crazy hours to get this extension brought to the Joomla community.

    We need to produce a demo site, and of course keep ploughing through the many fixes that will be needed.

    All the best
    Ian, Sergey and Colin.

  • Mar 11

    Beta Update

    We have just spent the last month in Australia on a huge job, which also took a month before hand planning. It was an unexpected job, but one we couldnt turn down. It was a viral campaign using our bullet time rig and equipment, traveling thousands of Kilometers of Australia in a van to promote Walls/Streets ice cream.


    But we are back now, and we have our internal beta 5 version finished, which we ave found a handful of issues with. As soon as those are ironed out, we will be releasing this to the public for immediate download.

    Sign up here to be the first to know when it is released :)

  • Jan 21

    User Downloads

    We aim to launch Joomla Finance and Joomla Contact Manager (used to store all suppliers and customers data) in Beta on the 23rd of January, and the stable version around about the 31st of January 2012.

    Please come back then or sign up so we can let you know when it will be ready.

  • Jan 15


    The software needs to be installed as any normal Joomla extension. You download the component from this site, and goto your installer page of your Joomla system, upload the downloaded installer.

    Joomla Finance requires the Joomla Contact manager component to work.

    All the contacts (suppliers and customers) are stored in the contact manager, this is because we are releasing other components in the future that will also use the same contact data, and we want to put this in place now.

  • Jan 12

    The alpha version is being tested!

    After 3yrs of planning, 2 investments falling through, and 6 months of building, we have the alpha version ready and being tested!

    We have a circle of people testing it at the moment, there is no point in releasing this version to the public as we know it is not finished and have a huge internal list of bugs. The plan is to have it released to the public by January the 15th as a beta, then the stable release 1.0 by January the 30th.