• Jul 11

    11 July 2017 JBK V3.1.2 New Features





    1 new feature and 3 major fixes have been added.

  • Jun 14

    14 June 2017 JBK V3.1.1 New Features





    With 13 new features and updates, one of the largest set of changes for a long time!

  • Jun 07

    07 June 2017 JBK V3.1.0 New Features





    With a whole new look and a pile of new features and over a hundred bug fixes, we have released this latest version 3.1.0!

  • Apr 18

    18 April 2017 JBK V3.0.9 New Features




    On this release, we have added a handful of new features to try and make your experience a little more easier.

    - We have added "Quick Purchase" and Quick Sale".
    This means we can now add a receipt or an invoice quickly, without going through the entire procedure. Its not as featured, but is great if you're adding a bus ticket, a packet of pencils... you add the price, the item description and press submit. It adds it in to the system as fully paid and in the system.

    - We have added in Order By columns for all parts of the system in this release.

    - Fixes for the contact details that are collected from VirtueMart orders, now the mobile number, Fax, and some other fields are now included.

    - It sometimes wouldn't auto update the invoice/purchase number, this has been fixed.

    - We have moved the add attachment and Items fields in Sales and Purchases, to make it more intuitive.

    - There was an error of when you added an Item, it didn't show it correctly until you saved and refreshed the page, this has been corrected.

    - There is a now a "Reset System" button, to wipe the system clean and start again.

    - We have changed the titles "Method" on Sales and Purchases to "Bank Account" too make it easier to understand.

    - There is now a display number of items to show drop down, rather than just showing the default of 20 items.


    Please let us know, how this is all working for you guys :)

    All the best


  • Mar 29

    29 March 2017 JBK V3.0.8 Bug Fixes



    Oops, we left a file out of the installation/update installer on 3.0.7.

    Please let us know if you find any bugs or issues.


  • Mar 29

    29 March 2017 JBK V3.0.7 Bug Fixes


    Bug Fixe

    VirtueMart import plugin "System - Joomla Bookkeeping Virtuemart Import"


    We have spent a huge amount of time working on the VM Import system, which has been a nightmare. But we have 99% of the bugs out now, and it is now automatically creating a contact (Customer) to the Joomla Bookkeeping Contact system, as well as creating an invoice the same as the VM invoice in JBK. The only bugs we know of at the moment is if there is a handling fee, or some delivery fees, they are not being added. We will work on having this corrected. But honestly, VM is a minefield and nightmare to work with.

    Please let us know if you find any bugs or issues.