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I don't understand the concept of 'Projects'. What is the purpose and thinking behind 'Projects'?

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Hi There,
Projects is one of my favourite parts of this system, as it gives you so much help.

Event Management Company
So imagine you are an event manager.

Event one is a corporate party for Coca Cola
Event Two is a Music Band album launch.

In your accounts, all the transactions are going through, but you don't know which event is making or losing money.

You call the Coca Cola party "Cola Project" and the Band Launch the "Album Project" or what ever you want to call them.

Then in each invoice or purchase you create, you also select the correct project for that transaction.

This means that each project can calculate what it costs, what it has earned, what it has made and what goals it had. You can add in targets to achieve, and you can see on the dashboard what percentage of those there is.

Other Industry Examples
Car Sales
If you are a car salesman, you could set each salesman up as a project, so each time they sells a car, you assign the Project" Billy the salesman" to him, and then it lists all the cars he has sold, with dates, prices, and a total of sales.

Property Letting Management
Each Property the agency lets out, will be a project, so each time the tenant pays their rent it is assigned to that property, each time the mortgage is paid, repairs are done, safety checks, or any other costs are done, you can assign it to the property (Project) and then see at a glance if it is making cash or losing... also you can then find very quickly transactions if a client calls and asks a question about what is happening.

It is one amazing feature that I really need to show in a video or something.

Our time is very tight, we work on this for free, have our own businesses and families, so if you are having trouble, please try and find if it is a simple solution using Google or the forums first, then drop us a message and we will do our best to reply as quick as we can.

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