• Unlimited Customers & Suppliers

    Unlike many bookkeeping systems, we have not restricted the system. You can have as many customers and suppliers as you wish. We have also made customers and suppliers as the same entry, to make it easier to keep track and use the system.

  • Unlimited Invoices / Purchases

    As the contacts, we have not restricted the invoices and purchases, you can have as many records as you like and for as long as you want.

  • Take Payments On Your Website (Beta)

    You can link your contact (Customer or supplier) to a Joomla account, so when they login to your website, they can then visit a front end area that shows all invoices, quotes and purchases linked to them, and gives them an option to pay outstanding invoices, which updates the invoice instantly.

    (This worked perfect in Joomla 2.5, but has a few bugs in Joomla 3, we are correcting this now)

  • VirtueMart Import

    As a customer buys your item through VirtueMart, the Joomla! bookkeeping system will auto create the contact using the VM details, then collect all the information from the VirtueMart invoice, and create a sales invoice for you in your accounts... automatically with no cron jobs or scripts from you.

    Click here for a tutorial to use this.

  • Projects / Departmental Accounting

    Departmental Accounting allows you to section off a set of incoming and outgoings, and work out the profit or loss of a specific project. Very cool system for keeping track of individual projects or specific jobs.

  • Full Tax System

    We have added in a full tax system, allowing you to create your own tax rates which can be allocated to individual items on an invoice.

  • Auto Repeating Invoices (Beta)

    We all have clients that have the same invoice every month... we certainly do! So this feature auto repeats and sends out an invoice every X days or months.

    (This worked perfect in Joomla 2.5, but has a few bugs in Joomla 3, we are correcting this now)

  • Sources

    Keep a track of how you find your customers, how much it cost for that generation, and how much you have generated in revenue. This will even continue to keep track until you tell it to stop, so in years to come, you can see how much that one local advert has helped you over the long run.

  • Synchronise With Other Extensions (Beta)

    We have created a plugin which synchronises with VirtueMart, pulling the customers details, address etc and the full invoice financial data into our system automatically. We have many other plugins planned for popular Joomla extensions ;)

    (This worked perfect in Joomla 2.5, but has a few bugs in Joomla 3, we are correcting this now)

  • Extension Password Protection

    We have added in a password protection system specifically for this extension. This means even other super admins cannot see your private accounts stored in Joomla Bookkeeping.

  • Report Plugins

    We have created many report plugins for you to get started, such as "Profit and Loss", "Balance Report", "Customer Report"and "Products Report". But the idea is, you can build your own reports, and make it work exactly as you want and share those plugins with others on our website for others to use.

  • PDF Export System

    The invoices can be exported as PDF documents to the design of the template installed... which can of course be changed and modified to suit you :)

  • Email Template System

    The system sends out many email types, new invoices, over due reminders, purchases, quotes, reports etc... so we have created a full email template system that allows you to control these and add in anything you wish to the emails... even tailoring it for specific contacts (customers/suppliers).

  • Multi Language System

    We have added the Joomla language file system, allowing anybody to change the system to another language. This will hopefully open it to non english speaking users... but we need your help translating this guys.

  • Attachments

    We have added the option to add attachments to Invoices and Purchases, allowing you to include photographs of the receipts, or PDF docs you have received as emails to your digital records.

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