Im Ian, I have been involved with Joomla since 2003 when it was Mambo, was part of the Joomla Day UK team, have developed many successful extensions and have been a web designer for 15+ years.

It always amazed me that there are so many extensions for Joomla, but very few are for there to help you run your business. I would expect most people that have a Joomla website, use it to run a business of some form, wether it be commerce, a membership area website, or even a leaflet website to give information about their products and services.

As a web designer, I hated having to use a third party accounts system, I had no idea who had access to it, and what happened if they closed down. I thought it was crazy that I had a website, and all the user systems within it, but no accounts system. So I set out to change it.

Working with some amazing developers, and myself designing the way it will work and the layout, it started to take form. Then in 2013, I had a bouncy baby boy... who took up all my time, including my sleep!

Not until mid 2016 did I return to the project, updating and pushing new features, new layouts, and changing some of the parts that bugged me.

It is now a system im very proud of, it is used now by about 5000 people, works very much how i want it. There is a huge roadmap ahead, im planning on making the system have some industry specific spin offs, far more invoice templates, and will hopefully be setting up a great extension directory for it.

Thank you everybody who has helped along the way, and those who have bug tested and made the process much easier.

All the best

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